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Britain hit by Snow Storms

Snow Hits Parts of the UK, effecting couriers and transport professionals throughout the country

As we enter spring and break the month of March, the UK has been hit the last few days by devastating snow storms, causing massive disruption throughout the country.

Armed forces are being called out up and down the UK to assist with emergency recoveries and distribution of needed supplies.

All industries are being effected by the weather as businesses struggle to get the usual daily logistical demands met, causing massive problems and shortages of staff everywhere.

100s of schools are reported as being closed for many different reasons.

The media and Met office have called the 2 storms currently battering both ends of the country storm Emma and The Beast From The East.

Luckily for Fresh Courier Express, our head office is based in Nottingham, and although the midlands is being hit with snow it seems we are getting the tail end of both storms.

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